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Company History

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In 1965, Carbonated Equipment Ltd of Lytham St Annes, England, became a distributor of post-mix drinks equipment manufactured by Booth Inc of Dallas, Texas. After a successful 1st year, a joint manufacturing company was established to produce a range of Booth products in the UK - and Booth Dispensers Ltd was born.

As the business continued to develop, the equipment designs were gradually changed to better suit the UK and European markets, and these new designs formed the basis for continued growth through the late 1960’s.

In the early 1970’s, Carbonated Equipment and Booth Dispensers merged, and by the mid-‘70’s Booth Inc had sold its interest in Booth Dispensers to the UK shareholders. Throughout the ‘70’s, the Company developed specialist products, including ‘packaged’ carbonator-chillers designed specifically for the new and growing cold drinks vending industry. 

This period saw Booth start to forge close relationships with its customers, who came to appreciate quality and reliability of the products, and many of the philosophies the company still practises today were established.

When the last of the founding members retired in early 2000, several of the senior management team launched a successful buyout, and ownership of Booth changed hands. The new management team introduced a five-year strategic plan to consolidate the company’s position in the vending sector, including a comprehensive overhaul of its systems, processes and training methods. Existing products were redesigned and re-engineered to enhance features and reduce costs – essential to compete in today’s markets.

Since the MBO in 2000, we have continued to develop and grow in many areas, not only in practical ways such as the refurbishment and enhancement of communal areas in our factory, but with more technological advances too. Examples of these are; the upgrade of our CAD system, investment in new plant and machinery including CNC tube forming equipment, a new punch press, automated refrigeration charging systems, and new expanded foam dosing plant.

Our blend of traditional values, innovative design and cutting edge technology , together with over 40 years’ experience, means we have the resources and expertise to come up with the right solution for every customer and can continue to meet future challenges with confidence.




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