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Brandels || From the cellar to the Bar

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our management team acknowledges and accepts its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other regulations and amendments since. We recognise the importance of health and safety in the successful operation of our activities and encourage the active participation of all our employees in order to achieve and maintain the highest practicable standard of health and safety at work.

Our activities are conducted with due regard to statutory requirements, and safeguards have been devised to protect our employees, contractors, visitors to our location and the general public against risks to their health and safety
arising from our activities.

The arrangements and procedures for the implementation of health and safety within our company are designed to satisfy our particular needs and to ensure observation of health and safety regulations and approved codes of practice.

Responsibility for health and safety throughout the company is delegated through the management structure, although the overall responsibility for compliance rests with the undersigned.

Phil Elliott

Managing Director

Date: July 2016




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