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ALV Omega - Sub Zero Cooling Suppressant (READY TO USE / 25 Litre)

ALV Omega - Sub Zero Cooling Suppressant (READY TO USE / 25 Litre)


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ALV Omega - Sub Zero Cooling Suppressant (READY TO USE / 25 Litre)

Our new advanced low viscosity, non-toxic heat transfer fluid has been engineered to offer Industry beating efficiency levels than other Glycol based fluids on the market.

ALV is proven to be up to 66% more efficient than Mono Propylene Glycol and 15% more efficient than Mono Ethylene Glycol resulting in huge savings per litre!


Key Benefits of ALV

  • Low Viscosity

With its low viscosity and heat transfer properties, it is the most energy efficient sub-zero coolant on the market.


  • Improved Performance

Pumps work less at operating temperatures improving performance meaning fewer breakdowns.


  • Safety Quality Approved

The only heat transfer fluid range with NSF certification 

and FDA approval. ALV provides zero risk of toxicity.


  • Energy Efficient

Lower viscosity results in lower energy demand from pumps reducing energy consumption.


  • Eco Friendly

Contains no nitrates, nitrites, borates, or heavy metals 

contributing to its superior environmental profile.


  • Lower Cost Per Litre

For the same level of freeze protection per litre when compared to other products.


Available in three levels of strength ALV is a cooling suppressant that enables the end user to achieve consistent drink temperatures in scenarios where volume and quality dictates.

For information on ALV please contact our sales team on 01253 501800

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