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EXL95HC Soda Recirc Integral Cooler Carbonator

EXL95HC Soda Recirc Integral Cooler Carbonator


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The EXL95HC Air Cooled SR Cooler refrigeration system is designed for effective performance and improved energy efficiency. With its largest-in-class 40-litre bath, the EXL95HC develops an impressive 9 kg icebank reserve for optimum performance.

Built for durability and reliability, the EXL95HC achieves optimum dispense-point temperatures by combining its efficient refrigeration system with a unique and optimised coil-pack design.

The EXL95HC offers longer bath coils to maximise capacity and performance, and uses a powerful Rotary Vane or Mag-Drive pump to recirculate the carbonated water more effectively and minimise heat absorption.

Options: Alternative Control - Mechanical, Digital or Energy Saving Thermostats are available.

Unit Dimensions

  • Height 518mm
  • Width 784mm
  • Depth 407mm
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